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Hi. I have been testing this Token Format idea and it does work... most of the time. this is the rulings on the the idea:

It uses any number of tokens (min 100 but i have about 300 so far and I'm not even done).

You start with 3/4 tokens/emblems (i will explain the emblems soon) and then 4/3 basic lands of your choose.

During you draw step choose one stack of cards an draw from it.

Tokens/Emblem in one stack and Lands in another stack.

Then you just do everything that is like normal magic with graveyard shared, and if the TOKEN stack is empty shuffle the graveyard to the deck and if the stack is still empty the game is a tie (it shouldn't thought).

Tokens Cost:
Q: How do you cast the tokens?
A: Its whatever its Power is so if is a 6/12 colorless then it cost 6. if its a 1/1 Green creature then you would need to spend G for it, if its a 3/3 green then its 2G. if its a 5/5 Red and Green creature is cost 4(G/R) get the idea for casting.

Germ Case:
Q: Well what about Germ they are 0/0?
A: They are but they are germs. The germ tokens (at least 3 most 10) puts all every Tokens and Emblems (but not LANDS) to the graveyard (to get rid of the 20/20 legendary token (reason why not saying destroy)). But it makes you tap all lands you control as the price and you can't cast anything before it. and you DON'T need B to cast since it has 0 power.

*/* or X/X Case:
Q: Well what if a */* or X/X with no ability that states what the power means?
A: its up to you. you could cast it for any mana, E.G. if a */* Green Creature then its XG and it get an extra one for that green.

Unhinged tokens Case:
Q: Unhinged tokens have nothing, so what are they?
A: Well two things you can do:
   1: Don't use them or
   2: They are the same case as X/X HOWEVER, depending on the color, it adds 2 to X from that color E.G. the Green Sheep token if i pay GGGR then the G counts a +2/+2 and the R counts as +1/+1, so it would be 7/7

Emblems Case:
Q: Well emblems don't have powers so how do you cast them?
A: It cost the same amount as you would use to get that emblem. that's the case with all of them.
(each one is on:… people to use DON'T put them on here)

Tokens that might be too strong:
Coldsnap - Marit Lage
   hard to cast but if no one has germ it is a 1 attack kill almost still able to block but until a germ appears you are near DEAD.
Alara Reborn - Dragon
   Its a harmless 1/1 flying right? NO, this is the most strongest token in this FORMAT, why you scream at me. the ability devour 2 is way powerful with 0 power dudes. I sac 5 0/1 make it a 11/11 flyer possible on turn 3. way strong, the only funny thing is that the weakest looking token in this
format is the way to deal with it.

Any other Questions:
Ask away and each one will get there own spoiler.

Anyone like/dislike the idea please tell me too.
Osaki-Suzuki Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
huh, interesting idea, I like it :D
Tommo999 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
yaya well thats one that likes the idea i might make a contest where i make 5 tokens and people make a card that goes with that card. what you think about that ?
Osaki-Suzuki Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
hm, I like it ^.^
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