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Primary contest: Two mechanic synergy

Embracing Spirit: Soulbound + Absorb
Through they work together well as for combat tricks however Absorb could easily be replaced by other ability like protection from Zombies or hexproof. So it doesn't stand out in comparison as something previously put out.

Hell- Voiced Dragon: Cascade + Miracle
I see an interesting combination which has potential, however I don't see a strong synergy present in this card with it's mechanics.
I would have separated the trigger ability and cascade mechanic wording making it  cleaner and easier to read.

Hunted Wolf: Phasing + Scry/ Fateseal
The card itself has a nice synergy going with phasing and the counters. On a minor negative the card's two mechanic don't directly work of each other.
It would be my number two choice but something else on the list beats it out by working off

Zealous Smite: Miracle + Madness
The two mechanics act as redundancy pathways for faster ways to cast spell or to cast it under different conditions. They act in parallel and don't really add anything to the other with the other being there.

Creeping Lichen: Evolve + Persist
Since -1/-1 counters and +1/+1 counters negate each other when present on a card. As long as you can play creatures larger than the Lichen it has a free reanimate. Making it one of the best combinations I can think of.

Winner: De-ep-th-ou-ght42 with Creeping Lichen

Honorable mentions I was thinking of are Modular/Evolve or Outlast/Persist

The secondary contest: Distill

Aurgelmir27's Distill mechanic functions like Cycling and Evoke
but instead remove the card instead of putting it into the graveyard.
Getting the essence of the card for a fraction of the cost.
Which in both submission were fun but Mirror Skinned Toad did a better job conveying power of mechanic then Sea of the Sand which had a recurring ability
which wasn't clear on if exiling it is constant or one time occurrence.

De-ep-th-ou-ght42's Distill mechanic functions as Convoke's it goes to evil twin, sacrificing other permanents to power these card. Out of the two cards I feel Banishing Potion was a  better use of mechanic.
Galvanic Dragon still uses the ability well it just a standard mid-ranged creature, in which the sacrifice seems more like a ritual mechanic than distill.
Banishing Potion the purification of mana from colored permanents as a last ditch effort fits nicely into a narrative of the card.
However I have to wonder why it could have just been an instant instead of an artifact with flash but that just a design choice.

But as a winner for secondary contest I would have to say Aurgelmir27's Mirror Skinned Toad.
So was thinking the primary winner would be the judge of next contest but the secondary could add an extra stipulation to the contest to make it more interesting up to winners through.
I guess since I was winner of the October contest,i'll go with keyword.  I can't decide between Clarify or Distill. Choose which ever one you prefer to work with or I get a consensus from participants and choose one.

Originally I wanted to do a contest below.
I like Magic the Gathering cycling old mechanics in new  sets along with new mechanics like in the set "Khans of Tarkir". With abilities like Morph and Outlast.

--> So for this contest I would like to see a combination of two mechanics on one card.  
--> The second requirement is that they both can't come from the same block/ set.

- maximum two entries per person
-you can go more than two mechanics but be warned clutter can be detrimental to design.
- You can add a self made mechanic but card must contain two Magic the Gathering mechanics.

Looking for originality in creation and combination, along with synergy of mechanics working of each other.
Also preferred if at least one or both of the mechanics are from before Innistrad block.
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Card Submission Rules

1. Always credit MSE 2.0 or other card creator program used.
2. Always credit art of cards, especially to those of DeviantArt.
3. Cards must be original to the one who posted into their submissions, unless it is a collaborated piece.
5. Post your cards in the individual folders depending on the content of the card.
6. We no longer accept Altered Art cards.










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I'm planning gather the best cards of various differents tcgs, including MtG. So with you want to participate please join. Just remember I'm not make a group that will compete with :mtg-customcards, I'm doing a different proposal.

To everyone who wants, welcome to pro-tcg :iconpro-tcg:

Thanks for the attention. :D
blau79 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
I would also like to know how to move things to the contest folder.
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So that i know my entry was counted for the contest.
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2 questions
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Hey sorry to bother everyone but where can I download the template for the new creature enchantments. Thanks.
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this should work
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nablon Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2013
Well guys, after months and months of inactivity on this group, and even my own profile, I finally stepped down as Founder of this group, and made MTGEmperor my successor. 
I wish you guys all the best of luck in future contests, hope this group continues to grow, so when I ever get back on this page, I see a memberlist of epic proportions :P
Thank you all, for making this group into what it has become. I could never have dreamed it would ever get this far.. 
Somewhere, it still pains me to have made this decision. But all things end, and I've stretched this action way too far.

So with this.. I say you all.. adieu...
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