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Hi, I'm :iconjakethecardsculptor:. The winner of the February/March contest. I've been told I get to decide the theme of the next contest, so... Now that April is under way, here we go!

This month's theme is... PLANESWALKERS!!

Turn your favorite Anime, Comic Book, Video Game, or Action Movie character into a Planeswalker, with abilities that reflect the character's portrayed super powers/special abilities. Be as accurate as possible, but also be creative. If you want, you can use my winning entry from last month as a prime example of what I'm looking for.

Planeswalkers may have either three or four abilities. Base loyalty and ability costs will be entirely up to you. I'll be judging cards based on the following criteria:

1) Playability and Power Balance. Try very hard not to overpower your planeswalker. The idea is if this card were to actually be released by Wizards, that it would not "break" the Standard, Modern, or Legacy formats. In other words, don't try to make the next Jace, the Mind Sculptor!

2) Proper Color-wheel Alignment. The mana cost should be reflective of the particular character's role as a hero/villain, with multicolor variances for characters of more ambiguous alignment. White will stand for "Good", Black for "Evil." But you can also be creative with your casting cost/color alignment. For example: If I made a "Captain America" card, it would be cute to make his casting cost Red/White/Blue(Jeskai alignment) don't you think? Maybe "The Terminator" would be colorless (like Karn). Oh, and no making up your own colors. Let's stick to the established color wheel.

3) Artwork. I give points for really, really cool artworks utilized in the cards. Photographs or stills of the characters are also acceptable.

4) Spelling, Grammar, and Proper Wording. I want to feel like the submitted entry is an actual card! So be sure your abc's are in order, and your text reads just like a modern magic card's rules text would be read. For assistance, simply refer to a planeswalker card in your possession. Wizards uses a very specific style for rules text that has changed much over the years, so try to be as up to date as possible.

5) Bonus points for Set Symbol. Set symbols are not required, especially if you really, really can't think of one that's simple and fits the character. BUT... If it can be used as a tie-breaker between two potentially winning entries, I reserve the right to do so.

If you want to submit an card entry, simply write that this is for the April "Card Sculptor" contest in either your card's deviation title or in your artist's commentary section (or both if you want to be extra, extra sure).

Deadline is April 30th! Good luck! :D
Once again, Copypasta'd from KorosukeDoom149's note.

Here are February's Most Flavorful Card/Set Contest Results, by entrance order:

First, we have De-ep-th-ou-ght42's :iconde-ep-th-ou-ght42: Mega Man Series set.
Very interesting, really. While I never played any of the Mega Man games or even got in touch with the fandom, going from what you described in their descriptions you seem to incorporate their abiltites pretty much in a fun and practical way. The mana costs seem reasonable, the colors and types also pretty much flavorful. Definetly one of the best entrants.

Second, we have NoobplayzgamesMTG's :iconnoobplayzgamesmtg: Erza Scarlet, Battleworn.
Since I haven't watched or read Fairy Tail, I once again can't correlate by personal experience. As such, going by your description, it seems like a pretty flavorful card, but overpowered for its mana cost. Flash, double strike, haste and vigilance on a 6/6 card with free equipment attaching that gives it +2/+2 in addition can very easily bypass the -1/-1 malus, particularly when the equipment attached also increases power and thoughness.

Third, we have Aurgelmir27's :iconaurgelmir27: Sense Gnomes.
I absolutely never heard of these guys, but they seem like an interesting bunch. Cheers for the video, by the way. Anyways, from what you told me in the description and in the video, my problem with this card is the flavor itself. The ability seems to convey you're sacrificing one gnome for each human you kill, when it isn't really what happens (unless they actually sacrifice one of them with the player's death in the game). In terms of mechanics, while it has decent power and thoughness for its mana cost, it will gradually weaken with each use of the ability, which is somewhat limited by only sticking with humans. Personally, I would discard the -1/-1 effect. The rest seems reasonable, except for MSE's default square rarity icon, and while black wouldn't be my first color in mind when I think of gnomes, I can understand why you chose it.

Fourth, we have Jakethecardsculptor's :iconjakethecardsculptor: The Doctor.
Very interesting, indeed. David Tennant's tenth Doctor was actually the second Doctor I came to know after the ninth's short tenure, and the one I enjoyed the most as well. The card itself seems to be well structured, functional and very flavorful with the Doctor's theme. Another one worthy of the podium.

Fifth, we have Tommo999's :icontommo999: Duck Hunt Dog.
While I never got to play his game, I believe most of the oldest players remember the little critter. I'll admit it's a somewhat strange choice, since without the explanation of the card's abilities I seriously wouldn't have seen much flavor in it. In the end, the abilities seem to be decent both technically and flavorfully, despite being based mostly on the character's SSB4 incarnation. Also, the artist's name is missing, and the rarity icon is once again MSE's default square. The creature type is also weird, since like the card's name implies, it's a dog and not a wolf, but I guess you went for a more used creature type. The mana cost could be slightly higher too, for a supposed rare. All in all, while not a bad card, I personally think you picked a somewhat tricky character to convert to a MTG card.

Lastly, we have NO8ODY's  :iconno8ody: Porunga.
I can say I'm a DBZ fan, so I have good understanding of how the dragons there work, they're essentially the "Genies" of the DBZ universe. Honestly, it's actually a character with very good flavor potential, but the card's abilities seem to waste that potential. Porunga, specifically, grants you three wishes, no more no less. But instead, the card conveys the sense that it gives you unlimited wishes so long as you manage to cast its "ultimate". Personally, I would have it enter with 3 loyalty counters and have three -1 abilities that allow you to search for specific cards, cast them without paying their mana cost and maybe exile target cards (this is just an example). You could have even tied this card with a "7 Namekian Dragonballs" artifact card as the only way to be summoned to the battlefield and possibly make it immune to damage, but still allowing it to be exiled. It would make it much, much more flavorful, if you ask me.

Now, my veredict: The Doctor, by Jakethecardsculptor!

Personally, it would be a tie between The Doctor and Deep's Mega Man set. Both are very well designed, with pretty good flavor. The reason why The Doctor takes the cake, however, it's mostly due to his versability with various decks, while Deep's Mega Man set seems to stick more with artifacts.

All in all, 'twas an awesome contest. Thanks to everyone for participating with your awesome ideas!

Until next time, KorosukeDoom149 out!
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Card Submission Rules

1. Always credit MSE 2.0 or other card creator program used.
2. Always credit art of cards, especially to those of DeviantArt.
3. Cards must be original to the one who posted into their submissions, unless it is a collaborated piece.
5. Post your cards in the individual folders depending on the content of the card.
6. We no longer accept Altered Art cards.










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Aurgelmir27 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2015
Perhaps we should start working on that custom set soon?
MTGEmperor Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015
i have been so swamped with work that I personally think that the Sigma set will never be realized.

I really want to see it realized but I really want to keep my job.

What are your thoughts?
Aurgelmir27 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
I think we might as well give it a shot.
MTGEmperor Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
very well.

what do you propose?

The most common rarity that this group makes is rare, with mythic rare a very close second.  We need to set the stage for number of commons, uncommons, and rares; making the right balance.
I tried making a forum in the group boards, but no one is doing anything.

how should we proceed, based on your knowledge?
(2 Replies)
rodotheman Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2015
so I wasn't sure if I should post it in the group because it's not technically a custom card its more of a custom game. 
I bought a used Game of Clue that was missing cards so I used magic cards to replace the normal clue cards and then put printed off pictures of land art to replace the rooms in the game. 
Hers the link if you want to check it out.…

comments are always welcome.
thanks guys and gals
CatkinSvedka Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I found this amusing. Could you explain more of how your Clue MtG hybrid uses the cards, i.e. do you have to guess the name of the card based on abilities and so on? Does the rules have any effect on the game? :)
rodotheman Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015
for now it plays the same as regular clue. just different locations and names of suspects and weapons. I have been thinking of introducing abilities for each of the characters but haven't done so yet. in the new clue each character has a once a game ability but I haven't added that yet it also has 3 more weapons so I might do that as well. 
CatkinSvedka Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool! :D
mathepan Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi every one! It's about more than a year that I follow this group and do some submissions here. So after all this time of fun with you and your fantastic cards I feel free to invite anyone to join my new group. :D

I'm planning gather the best cards of various differents tcgs, including MtG. So with you want to participate please join. Just remember I'm not make a group that will compete with :mtg-customcards, I'm doing a different proposal.

To everyone who wants, welcome to pro-tcg :iconpro-tcg:

Thanks for the attention. :D
blau79 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
I would also like to know how to move things to the contest folder.
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